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Mar 30, 2021

BONUS Episode: There are things we love about motherhood and there are definitely things we hate. Join us as we discuss the highs and the lows of raising children in this backwards culture. 

Mar 23, 2021

In this episode we take a closer look at how and why it's essential to raise respectful children, especially in this backwards, self-serving culture. 

Mar 16, 2021

On this episode we welcome guest Sarah Frenzel, mom to five and founder of Behold Community Schoolhouse in Franklin, TN. for an honest discussion on raising respectful children in a completely self-serving culture. 


Mar 9, 2021

Want to stick your head in the sand? Is it easier to just tune the world out? Join us for a great discussion on how to stay informed as a mom and if it's even worth the trouble!


Mar 2, 2021

Today's guest, Jamie Reitenour, is a mom of five and founder of A Mom On Politics. Whether or not you like the political scene, it does affect us all, and so we hope to help equip you to know who to listen to and how to know what is true. We are here to further God's kingdom and to raise our children to do the...